Redesigning the "Students, Experts, Volunteers" Section

We have to improve the design of the “Students, Experts, Volunteers” Section to have a more professional look under the thread Updating the Landing Page. Here the current design is attached.

So I request the ideas of the Design Team :art:. Others also can contribute.

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Previous we have discussed to remove the shapes behind the section or to replace it with a different colour. And there’s an issue with the box heights also (was mentioned in SEF Website Suggestions).

So @designTeam @miluckshan-j we would love to hear your suggestions for this section/component☺️

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those two are mutually exclusive tasks.

  1. coloured shapes needs to go :smiley:
  2. Need to restructure SEV section. I am also open for suggestion for content on that one. Because the message that we need to give is to inform anyone who is visiting the website that there is something for them and direct them to the relevant sign up forms etc.
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Yeah I agree with @akshika47’s suggestions. Also the font size of the text is too small compared with the page.

Also the “You could be a student…” tagline also looks smaller and the three sections has been highlighted more than the tagline.

@piumal1999 Join @DESIRA to the development of this section.

We can either redirect the Explore CTA to a sweet page that has all the SEV or if you’ll wish to have these in the homepage itself, [just a suggestion] you’ll can put like a text saying “I am a…” and then have 3 buttons leading to the respective pages.



Great idea! And i think its better to display info on the landing page itself. @akshika47 WDYT?

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I like @miluckshan-j’s idea. and yes, better to leave summary of information(as it is now) on the landing page and direct them accordingly to respective forms/pages.


How about something like this? @jaye @akshika47

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Wouldn’t it be much better if the highlighted tab is in the middle by default(as of the image uploaded) in-place of the ‘students’ tab?
Not only that it would also be better if:
The tabs went from this, to students - volunteers - experts indicating the ascension of the level of expertise.
The " You could be a student, an expert or a volunteer. At SEF, we have something in store for everyone!" could have some rework and the line can be aligned with the foremost corners of the tab margins(as of follows)

Also the font size for each description could be bigger, and an artwork to accompany the text would be a great idea. What do you think @piumal1999 ?


Great feedback @piumal1999 @DESIRA. Can we do something better than what we have already? you don’t have to stick to the existing content. Does the existing content deliver the message it is supposed to? We just cobbled together this part when we wanted to deploy the website. So we can re-think content as well, not just the design. The main purpose should be to provide people who visit the website on how they can engage/join SEF.

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I can rework the content.
In terms of design, wouldn’t it be better if we put the multiverse mindset into this, and imply that the SEF candidates are superheroes, and replace the tabs with superhero artwork, all while fleshing out the points under each tab?

@piumal1999 Since I’m not familiar with illustrators’ vector art method, I was experimenting with a few other art styles, and settled with a much simpler doodle for the student section.

@akshika47 said it doesn’t fit with the overall aesthetic, and told me to work on the content instead. So I didn’t fully flesh this sketch out, and halted the sketches for the other two sections as well. Meanwhile I’ll be reworking the content for the student section and send to @Minuri_Adasuriya by today. She will review and come to a conclusion whether it’s good enough to fit in the website.


@piumal1999 following is the student part of the SEV section. Please be kind enough to comment on it.

Join our “OneLive” sessions featuring industries’ leading experts as well as scholars, where you will be able to directly interact with the connoisseurs themselves, and gain insight on paving the most viable path for your career. These interactive Facebook Webinar sessions are perfect for any student who requires that spare bit of guidance into crafting the perfect career path for them. SEF also hosts “ScholarX”, where students can get acquainted with industry experts and academics on one to one mentoring sessions, all while getting exposed to postgraduate and internship opportunities as well as potential job prospects.

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Good job @DESIRA. I think we can add info about IRC and our new project AcadeMix also for the students section. @Minuri_Adasuriya @akshika47 could you please check this and give your comments.
And also the sketch was awesome. But we have to make it match with the existing design. If you have any problem, put a comment on the thread.
Thank you @DESIRA!!:grinning: for your contribution

I will add the mentioned info if you guys want to. Please forward me details regarding IRC and AcadeMix so I can get a better understanding. If @Minuri_Adasuriya @akshika47 are happy with this writing style I can move forward the volunteer and expert sections as well.

@piumal1999 I am more than happy to contribute :grinning:

I like the style of writing. @piumal1999 could you try a sample design with this amount of text. add extra text to accommodate for other programs as well(AcadeMix etc). Try a few variations. Existing font size is too small in our section. I substituted the text in the existing design, it did not look good. So need to check how this might look like in a different design.

Other web samples would work too.

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There are a few free vector image sites in this link. Hope you get inspiration out of it or maybe even use few of these if it makes your life easy.

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Okay. I’ll try to create a sample design.

If everything is all good to go, I can work on the rest of the sections and consider adding extra info into the student section as well. @piumal1999 please update me on whether the provided content is within the maximum text range.

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Love this Dezza! Yes please add the IRC and AcadeMix in there too. I like this format cause it tells/sells a story. Only feedback is to find a substitute to cconnoisseur? Its a bit much and can mean different things to different people. Other than that tiny fix - it’s great!