Updating the Landing Page

Hi everyone,

This is my personal viewpoint. I would like to get everyone’s feedback. After the hero image, I am not satisfied with the UI aspect of the landing page of the web page. It does the job, but it could be improved to have a modern and professional look. Let me know your thoughts.



I’m agree with you…
I feel It’s little bit distracted by bunch of elements and colours.

@janithRS @Gravewalker @piumal1999 @anjisvj What do you think?

Yes. I think it should be less complex. This design consists of everything we need but in order to get a professional look, I think going for a minimal and simple design approach is the best way.

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What are some good examples that you have seen in the web for a design like this?

AirBnB, teambit and like every google event landing pages. They are super simple, compelling and, easy to read.

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Yes I do agree. The above airbnb site looks awesome. Let’s make our landing page less complex

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That is good we agree on the design changes. I also think we need to change(add a few) sections to the front page. I don’t want to add too much as that could be too much clutter but the following could be quite useful.

  1. Logos of our mentors/speakers background
  2. Logos of our partners and collaborators.
  3. Section on quick links to our PR items(ReadME, SBS interview etc)

Anything else? any suggestions?

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@Bawantha_Rathnayaka would you like to take the lead on this project? If you like it, please work on a rough plan and pick your team for the project :slight_smile:

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@akshika47 Sorry I can’t spearhead this project due to office work these days but I can contribute This project

Can we like update the home page partially? Section by section

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Yes, that is the plan! As I said earlier we should not be cluttering the landing page. Following could be the sections that needs re-design

  1. Stats
  2. section about “Students, Experts, Volunteers”
  3. Testimonials.

After we redesign the above 3 sections, we can think about the following sections

  1. Our mentors and speakers are from kinda section
  2. Partners and collaborators section
  3. Media features section
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@piumal1999 Could you please lead this project?

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Definitely! :smiley:.
I’ll make a plan for the project and inform.


In my humble opinion, I think it would be more productive if we can make the design at once.

The problem is the lack of resources. We don’t have a person to take on this

We are going to carry out the project under 2 stages according to the previous comments.

  1. Redesigning the already existing sections on the page
  2. Creating the new required sections

The designing phases of the project are to be done by the design team with the guidance of @janithRS. Developing phase of the page will be done by the Tech team with the support of other contributors.

I have created a google sheet with the tasks and the progress

And the blocker is lack of resources.


Can @osusara and @Bawantha_Rathnayaka assign yourself to a section please?

Still the Google Sheet has not been updated. @Bawantha_Rathnayaka @osusara can you please update it if you have already started the sections.

We can get an inspiration from the slack’s website, have a look: Where work happens | Slack