SEF Website Suggestions

Was going through the SEF website and thought of giving some suggestions. The list is a bit long so thought of creating a Word file and uploaded to the Drive. Hope that’s not an issue. Open for feedback.

Check out the link below.

Thank you.


@miluckshan-j thank you very much for the feedback. This is very precise and useful. So I suggest the following steps.

  1. Create a Google Doc (not a Docx file) file from this and share it with us. Then we can add comments and discuss the changes.
  2. Create issues on the Github repo for the obvious changes. These are mistakes related to wording. The design of the website would get changed as a whole. Therefore, it is something that we have to discuss holistically rather than as isolated sections but these are really good observations.
  3. Join the developer call on Saturday. Contact @jaye for that.
  4. In the meantime, there is some design work going on. @piumal1999 @janithRS @anjisvj please have a chat with @miluckshan-j on how he can get started on helping out on the design work. I suggest the re-designing project would be a good place to start.

Created issue in GitHub. Here’s the Google Doc link as requested.

If its a total revamp, we’ll create custom component so that it looks uniform through out. Saw some inconsistencies in spacing and colors and animations, that’s why. Still didn’t check for mobile.

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Can I work on this @miluckshan-j suggestions? @akshika47

@anjisvj let me know the exact issue that you are working on.

As @akshika47 mentioned, let us know what you’re specifically working on.


I’ll start with the join us page. @akshika47 Can you explain “put FAQ’s in white boxes” more? @miluckshan-j

It is better to first remove the coloured shapes from the landing page. Is it something that you can work on first?

yeah sure only the shapes? @akshika47

What are the other suggestions?

These are the other tweaks that mentioned for the homepage in the above doc. @akshika47

  • The height of the testimonial changes, better to keep them in a constant size.
  • Footer order of links can be the same as the header ie: Home, Projects, Team, Blog, Join Us
  • Header dropdown’s default color as black and then turn to blue when hover. Also is it One Live or Onelive or OneLive?

Ok those sound good. Use “OneLive”

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@anjisvj before starting the development please create issues for the features you’re gonna work on.

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Thank you @YohanAvishke for the suggestion.

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I created an issue on github for the task.

@DESIRA can you work on it?

I fixed this I think @DESIRA can work on other issues mentioned in the doc.

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Like when you expand it, it brings a white box with shadows, right? Similarly contain them in a white box when collapsed as well.

Just mentioned to make the design look consistent. I tried it and it doesn’t look that great. You can ignore it.

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Anyone noticed a message saying ‘Redirecting you to the current ScholarX program’ when you click the ScholarX link in the header? It happens fast and had to use slo mo to read the message but still, it’s distracting.

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I will look into that. @akshika47 should I remove the scholarX image from the scholarX page and add a text like the rest of the pages. Will look like this.

Shall we start fixing these issues? @akshika47

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