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  • 2016 We see a problem

Our Founder Dr Akshika Wijesundara notices a gap in the Sri Lankan higher education system where undergraduates lacked mentoring opportunities to achieve their career growth.

2017 SEF is born

The Sustainable Education Foundation is launched with the aim of building a connector platform to bring Sri Lankan subject matter experts in academia and industry to build a more sustainable education ecosystem in Sri Lanka.

2018 Expanding our reach

Our three flagship programs, ScholarX, International Research Council and OneLive are launched.

2019 Solidifying the base

We continue to deliver our flagship programs as we refine our operating rhythm and build our 10-year strategy looking forward to 2029.

2020/21 Growth and Expansion

Expand our flagship programs offering to multiple stakeholders and experiment with new programs to address more problems faced by undergraduates in Sri Lanka.

2022 Where we are today

Taking our programs mainstream, we launched a digital platform to extend our ScholarX program with minimal intervention from the SEF management. We look forward to expanding the platform to other areas serving more stakeholders.

2022/29 Beyond 2022

Our ultimate goals are to

  • Provide an end-to-end digital solution for the operations of SEF,
  • Provide suggestions to educational policymakers in Sri Lanka to improve the educational landscape, * Develop a STEM research facility in Sri Lanka that can produce high-tech startups with the help of the global Sri Lanka community, and
  • Increase the percentage of Sri Lankans going for higher studies, working in world-leading companies, and founding future defining companies.

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