New content for the websites

There is information regarding SEF that is not shown well enough to the general public via our platforms.

> "General public not getting an overall idea about SEF"

when they visit our website is the issue we are trying to solve in this thread.
Information such as,

  1. Goals and motive of SEF
  2. In-depth information regarding projects
  3. The origin and expansion

and more can be added to the sites in order to further enhance the productivity of showing information via our platforms .

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Can you post what you have gathered from the reports that we already have? So we can work from there?

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Sure @akshika47 ill have it posted

From the information, I have gathered the main detail which is included in this document and not in the website is ,

What is SEF?

The Sustainable Education Foundation (SEF) is a volunteer-driven not for profit organization
SEF was founded with the short-term goal of making the Sri Lankan education system the most effective and most dynamic education system in the world with the help of a specialist global network of local and ex-pat Sri Lakans.

We can edit and add this part as the motive
SEF’s long-term goal is to disrupt and democratize the global education system where it is available for everyone, in doing so, the foundation contributes to the United Nations’ sustainable development goal of “Quality Education”.

The history and how it was found by whom etc
founded by:-
former Google Student Ambassador and alumnus of the University of Moratuwa, Akshika Wijesundara.

The most important piece of information I found was this picture given below

Basically, it summarizes the overall goals, motive idea and gives a clear picture to the general public
So my suggestion is to filter out the vital details here, and add or subtract info (since this document is a bit outdated), and give quality output in a creative manner to the website and make it publicly visible.

Also, the part of the future plans is missing, in the document, it gives an idea (not exact since it is unpredictable), but at least a rough estimation about the overall goals can be displayed on the website, so the people who want to join SEF, WIll know how and what they can contribute to the SEF.

this SS from the documents gives a rough idea, but we can rather think of a creative way to bring it up (maybe a calendar, a road map) to depict the path we would follow. since the plain text will make people hesitant to read it.

another direct question that is answered in the document is,

Why you should Join SEF?

Although the join us request is given, the exact outcome of what the volunteers would gain in the process is not shown. We can include these details and more to gain attraction.

@akshika47 @Dharana_J @jaye @Minuri_Adasuriya @Gravewalker @piumal1999 @anjisvj @EngTeam please give your reviews, ideas, and suggestions regarding this matter, thanks.

We have gathered the information required for the " Why you should join SEF"? question to be added to the website. the info is as follows,


  1. Get access to international industry professionals and academics.
  2. Expose yourself to foreign internships, scholarships,
  3. Networking opportunities.
  4. Equip yourself with cutting-edge industry knowledge.
  5. Get 1:1 mentoring on your career growth and get help on applying to higher studies abroad.


  1. Get in contact with local talented students all around Sri Lanka.
  2. Get a chance to give back to Sri Lanka by nurturing the next generation.
  3. Find prospective postgraduate students and interns.
  4. Conduct collaborative research with local students.
  5. Reach a wider audience to share your expertise.
  6. Networking opportunities with fellow elite Sri Lankan industry professionals and academics


  1. Gain experience in properly coordinated projects.
  2. Gain technical knowledge and real-time experience in the technical aspect.
  3. Get a chance to give back to Sri Lanka by managing a platform that uplifts the Sri Lankan student population.
  4. Opportunity to network with fellow volunteers who are students and professionals across the globe.
  5. Get exposed to a highly technical open source community,

For the beyond 2021 question, the decision was to update the already existing Our journey so far image from the google slide for New hire induction.

@Madhawa is already assigned with this task to update the google slide.


On the google slide, all the content starting from section 2019 needs to be updated before publishing on the website.

@akshika47, could you give me the information/ content which should be included for those sections? (sections 2019, 2020, and 2021+)

As the above image shows, so far I’ve just added the 2021+ section with the information given on the google doc, which @Akeel_malik shared.


Hi @Madhawa isn’t the content on the slide deck enough for this?

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Yeah @akshika47. wanted to make sure and I was under the assumption that it’s outdated.

Hi again. I need your approval and suggestions for this @akshika47 @Dharana_J @jaye

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Yes please go ahead Madhawa!

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Thank you @akshika47