Design forum: ScholarX platform - finalising timeline

We need to discuss a timeline for the requirements

Who: @YohanAvishke @jaye @piumal1999 @anjisvj @Gravewalker @miluckshan-j @DESIRA @shyamal

When 2020-07-22T13:00:00Z β†’ 2020-07-22T14:30:00Z


@YohanAvishke Could you please post the meeting notes and the finalized timeline? :blush:

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Main discussion points

  • Decided to create program instances for each ScholarX instance(ScholarX 2021, ScholarX 2022, ScholarX Junior, etc). This will make components of each platform unique to the program instance and will make the management of these components easier. And also with this approach, it will be possible to run more than one ScholarX program at a given time. (Eg: ScholarX 2021 with ScholarX 2021 junior).
  • Each program will have its unique homepage with its unique data
  • Each user will go through a single sign-in registration(this registration is permanent and shared across all the Programs)
  • Each registered user then can apply to available programs as a mentee/mentor(depending on the Program’s current phase). Admins can manipulate the lifecycle stages.
  • Each program will consist of a lifecycle and each stage will imply the current phase of the program.
  • There will be a dashboard for Admins: to manage every component of the platform(Programs, Users, etc.)
  • There will a dashboard for Mentors: To manage applicants, mentees of each program mentor enrolled for.

Technologies for development


  • Spring Boot: API development
  • Mysql: DB development
  • Firebase: User authorization


  • ReactJS: UI develpoment


Total time: 4 months 2020-07-21T18:30:00Z β†’ 2020-11-21T18:30:00Z


  • Designing database(ERD): 1 week 2020-07-21T18:30:00Z β†’ 2020-07-28T18:30:00Z
  • Developing user authentication: 1 and half weeks 2020-07-21T18:30:00Z β†’ 2020-08-08T18:30:00Z
  • Developing database: 2 weeks 2020-08-08T18:30:00Z β†’ 2020-08-22T18:30:00Z
  • Designing APIs: 1 week
  • Developing APIs: 1 month

Most of the UI specific design or development will be carried out partially and dates will depend on the Backend tasks

  • Designing UI(Wireframes): 1 week 2020-07-21T18:30:00Z β†’ 2020-07-28T18:30:00Z
  • Admin dashboard: 1 and half weeks
  • Mentor dashboard: 1 and half weeks
  • Program specific design and development: 1 month
  • User registration and user-specific component development: 1 month

Please note that these dates are not 100% accurate and might change depending on the problems

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Frontend timeline update

The development of the admin endpoints of the APIs is the next milestone of the backend development plan. To work with the backend simultaneously frontend development would follow the following timeline.

  • First development milestone of the frontend is to develop the admin part of the dashboard.
  • Scenes that need to be developed in the admin part of the dashboard are,
    • Homepage scene (With admin-user oriented rendering)
    • Manage program scene
    • Create new program scene
    • Edit program scene
    • Change state of the program scene
    • Manage mentors scene
    • Manage mentees scene

The rough deadline to develop the above mentioned scenes: 2020-09-01T18:30:00Z

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Timeline Update 2020-09-11T18:30:00Z

Total time: 4 months β†’ 2020-07-21T18:30:00Z β†’ 2020-11-21T18:30:00Z
Remaining time : 2 months, 11 days β†’ 2020-09-11T18:30:00Z β†’ 2020-11-21T18:30:00Z

Completed tasks.

Issues for following tasks were added to the 1st milestone.

  1. CI/CD integration.
  2. Swagger documentation.
  3. Admin APIs with test cases.

Remaining tasks.

  1. Gateway and User authentication: 2020-09-15T18:30:00Z
  2. Mentor, Mentee, and Public APIs: 2020-09-29T18:30:00Z

After these main tasks are completed we will continue to review and test, while developing for any new use case identified in the future.

You can get realtime updates by referring to our Project’s board:

Time line Update 2021-02-13T18:30:00Z

Completed tasks

  1. APIs are completed.
  2. Auth server is almost completed
  3. Kubernetes is stuck due to a dockerizing issue in the Frontend
    Instead of depending on Kubernetes authentication we have decided to use the Auth server for authorization, authentication and redirection.

Remaining tasks

  1. Complete Auth server fully.
  2. Finish all remaining Frontend tasks(Tasks are listed in:
  3. Deploy the SholarX

With the current resources we have it will take about 2 more months to finish the remaining tasks.

Updated deadline: 2021-04-13T18:30:00Z

cc: @EngTeam @akshika47 @Minuri_Adasuriya