Dev Team Weekly StandUps 2020

Updates for the week 2020-08-22T18:30:00Z2020-08-28T18:30:00Z

@Jaye @YohanAvishke @piumal1999 @miluckshan-j @anjisvj @Gimhan_minion

SEF Site

SEV section

  • @Gimhan_minion has finished the design and sent the PR - Ready to merge
  • Had a demo during the call, these are the suggestions from the team
    • Reduce spacings
    • Change the alignment of the texts and images
    • Fix mobile view
    • Come up with a conclusion to having a title
  • Able to finish this by 2020-08-31T18:30:00Z


  • Updated the team page (Changed the name of the DevTeam)
  • Created issues for Sef site
  • Desira is working on some issues
  • Identified a typo in the FAQ section of Onelive page (Sri Lankan) within the call - @piumal1999 Create a new issue

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  • Did research on Gateway and Authentication. Had a discussion 2020-08-27T18:30:00Z on this topic.
    • Using Kubernetes to manage the gateway
    • Using Linkedin as the auth server (done)
    • Decision pending on managing JWT tokens in the UI. Followup with @shyamal
    • Creating modules for each microservices
      • Handling tokens
      • API
  • Completed adding JPA annotation
  • :rocket: :star_struck: 1st milestone (2020-09-05T18:30:00Z)
    • Finalize admin API with tests - @piumal
    • Configure swagger to auto document APIs
  • :rocket: :heart_eyes: 2nd Milestone (2020-09-14T18:30:00Z)
    • Finalize authentication


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  • Adding translation
    • Blocker with managing the state - Have a review with @jaye
    • Finishing the categories by 2020-09-02T18:30:00Z
    • Finalizing by 2020-09-04T18:30:00Z


  • The fellowship app is now on production! :partying_face: Thanks, @Grawewalker!
  • @jaye Work on creating a flyer for new contributors.