Designing Wireframes for ScholarX platform

Hi all,
As per the discussion we had on the Design forum: ScholarX platform - finalising timeline, me @Gravewalker, and @Gimhan_minion came up with the following wireframes for the application.

Click here to view the wireframes.

Editable file:

Currently, we have completed the public users and admin views. We will finalize the remaining as soon as possible. Please add your valuable suggestions and thoughts. :orange_heart:


The same file is now updated with mentor and mentee views. Click here to view.

@Gimhan_minion Whenever a user apply for a mentor the user have to apply separately. The user is applying for a Mentor of a specific program. Not for the program. Also let’s remove the linkeding link for now.

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I’ve finished the mentee wire-frame too. Let me know if there are any changes to be made.

Small suggestion, can we remove become a mentee button from lifecycle 4 wireframe. Instead we can have the following flow,

  1. There will be a button to view mentors of a program.
  2. User can click on the button and view the mentors.
  3. There will be an apply button with each and every mentor.
  4. Users can click the button and apply to be a mentee.
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Yes. I like that idea.

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@YohanAvishke That’s exactly how we planned and drew the wireframes, this is the wireframe @Gimhan_minion drew for that


In today’s database design call we discussed and came into a decision to make following amendments to the current wireframes.

  • Add a new view to ask for the Linkedin account URL on the first time login
  • Create a new edit profile view where users can change their name and LinkedIn URL
  • Change apply as a mentor view to a view where a mentor can edit a doc to be presented to the mentees as the document of guidelines to prepare their pdfs to apply for him.

@jaye @YohanAvishke Second thoughts on this mentor edit doc function, shouldn’t that edit doc view be presented for a mentor to edit after that particular mentor was approved by the admin?

Mmm… Shall we keep it editable until the mentee application period ends?

The edit doc view will be available for the mentors, only after the approval of mentor period is over and it should be over before the mentees start to apply.

Just assuming there might be tiny edits that a mentor should do to the doc after the mentor is getting approved.

So, let’s make it editable in state 2,3 & 4.

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This is the mock UI I designed for the scholarX mentor section of the wireframes.

Kapture 2020-08-07 at 20.11.20

I will create the mock UIs for the other views and upload it here as gifs. In the meantime, add your thoughts on this mock UI. (Just focus on the flow and the functionality, this is not the final UI)


Good job @Gravewalker!
Can we finalize this today?

Yeah! Im working on it now. I’d probably upload the next mock up video in the eve.


Thanks! :heart_eyes:

@akshika47 @Saumiyaa_P1 @jaye @Minuri_Adasuriya
This is the updated mockup for the mentor view.
Check it out! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! Good job @Gravewalker! That’s amazzzing! :heart_eyes:

Shall we add voice to this and explain each a bit? So, it might be easy to understand who isn’t familiar with this scenario. WDYT?

This is the second mock up video. It covers the flow of the UI from the mentee perspective.


Heshan, this is truly above and beyond! Thank you! :heart_eyes:
@akshika47 @Saumiyaa_P1 @Minuri_Adasuriya @shyamal Any comments?

:man_teacher: :woman_teacher: Mentor mockup:

:raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_woman: Mentee mockup:

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