Welcome to the ScholarX Squad 😎

This will be the beginning of the ScholarX team :partying_face:. The main focus of the ScholarX squad is to work on the development of the ScholarX platform. Let’s work together to develop the ScholarX platform which is gonna help thousands of Sri Lankan undergrads like us.

The first thing we need to do is to come up with a time for a weekly standup where we gonna discuss the development and plan sprints.

Please select your availability to have our weekly meeting.

  • Saturday 6.00p.m
  • Sunday 6.00p.m
  • Monday 7.00p.m
  • Tuesday 7.00p.m
  • Wednesday 7.00p.m
  • Thursday 7.00p.m
  • Friday 7.00p.m

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Based on the poll results we have chosen Saturday at 6.00PM for our weekly call. I’ll update this thread with the meet link.
Here’s the meet link

SEF- ScholarX Squad standup
Saturday, July 17 · 6:00 – 7:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/cby-kbfj-dib



Attendees: @Gravewalker , @anjisvj , @piumal1999 , @cmdrGuyson , @kumuditha_udayanga , @Neith , @YaiyaSam

  • Email functionality is working:
  • Need to create an app password for SEF Gmail
  • Piumal fixed the backend part of the mentor editing application after the mentor application period bug

Should focus on,

  • New LinkedIn user null pointer exception bug - Gayanga is working on that
  • MENTOR_APPLICATION can be accessed using the URL
  • Showing rejected mentees (Show a tag instead)- Anjula
  • login popup
  • manage button is not showing
  • Update the draft mentee application doc

2021-07-17T18:30:00Z - 2021-07-24T13:30:00Z

Attendees: @Gravewalker, @anjisvj, @piumal1999

  • @cmdrGuyson fixed new LinkedIn user issue, → added a default profile pic if it’s null

  • @kumuditha_udayanga working on putting the emails of the mentees and mentors into the UI

  • Even a label to mark them approved or rejected was added in the same pr

  • Fixed the crash on mentee application, request mentor UI

  • Manage application button was showing for mentors in a wrong state @kumuditha_udayanga had fixed that one too

  • @piumal1999 worked and finished the task to prevent mentors from editing application after mentor application state

  • @Neith was working on adding the manage button into the active programs tab

  • We released another minor bugfix version

  • New changes are not in the deployed version have to release another version get it to the latest update

ScholarX Pilot plan

  • @Dharana_J had added a few questions to the scholarx draft template

  • Need to reformat the document

Next step:

  • Showing mentee emails for a mentor in the mentor dashboard needs to be done

  • From next week we can move into developing version 2

  • Before going into development we have to do a couple of things,

  • @anjisvj has created a google sheet containing all the information

  • ScholarX platform v2

  • Create a poll for choosing the best OAuth2 service



Attendees: @cmdrGuyson , @anjisvj , @piumal1999 , @kumuditha_udayanga , @Dharana_J

  • Released the final version for pilot
  • Kumuditha sent the PR for displying emails of mentees - merged
  • Dharana sent some requirements
    1. Documentation for mentors
    2. Documentation for mentees
    3. Feedback
    4. How to find User experience
    • 1 and 2 : We thought it’ll be better to have a tutorial video
      • Anjula started creating the video
    • 3 and 4 : Can get feedback after the pilot program
  • Anjula fixed the mentor question numbers bug - merged
  • Bug - Home link on navbar → Refreshes the browser
    • Kumuditha will work on that
  • We can add google analytics - Gayanga will work on that
  • Need to start the pilot asap - to apply for e swabimani (http://www.eswabhimani.lk/)
  • Started gathering requirements for V2
  • Dharana will update the Mentee Application template
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Attendees: @cmdrGuyson , @anjisvj , @piumal1999 , @kumuditha_udayanga , @Gravewalker , @Neith

  • For the past week we were fixing bugs

  • Added google analytics
    • Gayanga had sent a PR for that

  • In the backend,
    • Changed the functionality from previous way to remove the mentees after the mentor confirmations period if they didn’t choose a mentor in the mentor confirmation period
    • Prevented mentors from applying for themselves

  • Problem with emailing feature
    • Getting the emails of next states
    • Recieving multiple emails at once
    • Heshan was able to fix the issue
      • The problem was with the thread
      • Program state query was running inside the mailing thread
      • Can get it merged today itself

  • ‘My mentor’ button is not visible for mentees.
    • Anjula sent the PR to fix that
    • Not merged yet

  • Have to link the tutorial videos in the platoform itself
    • Can add a floating button (help button)
    • Kumuditha can work on that

  • Desira worked on static page
    • Now working on the apply now button

  • Need to update the email template
    • Button colour and design - Asked Desira to work on that
    • Changing email content - Need to ask Akshika and Dharana

  • Mentee Application Template
    • Dharana updated the content
    • Need to update the design
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Attendees:@anjisvj, @Gravewalker, @piumal1999, @kumuditha_udayanga , @Akeel_malik

  • Past week we were working on the email notification issue and updating the emails content

  • We have moved the button to the active program tab

  • Added a view more link which redirectes to the static page to the card as well

  • Added mentor questions

  • Akshika and dharana will have a look


  • Worked on 2 issues

  • Adding the view more button to the card


  • Did the database changes and deployment stuff


  • Fixed duplicate email issue


  • Reviewing and releasing the versions

Next steps:

  • Creating a demo server - Piumal

  • In e-swabimani we have to let them use the platform by themselves

  • To cater to that we might need another instance of the application running on a different server

  • Akeel is working on making a video for the admin part of the system to be used when applying to e-swabimani

  • Show the mentor answers(responses) in the mentee application view - kumuditha



Attendees: @anjisvj , @kumuditha_udayanga , @piumal1999 , @Akeel_malik , @lilRaptor99 , @Gravewalker

  • All 3 Mentors are signed up
  • Piumal has deployed the demo application for e-swabhimani as well
  • Anjula added the profiles to the demo server
  • Akeel created the demo video for eswabhimani
  • Anjula and Desira created the platform architecture
    • Jaye and Heshan reviewed it
  • Next week onwards we can plan the ScholarX version 2.0
  • We have to make a document to add all the small ideas and details that we would otherwise forget.
    • Initiate a thread
    • A slack channel to add mentees
  • A place needs to be decided to get the ideas of the mentees
  • Heshan suggested to make a feedback document
  • Getting users’ feedback
    • Google form? or a feature in the platform itself?

We need to reschedule the squad call due to unavailability of members at the current time. @EngTeam

Please select your availability to have our weekly meeting.

  • Monday 7.00p.m
  • Monday 8.00p.m
  • Tuesday 8.00p.m
  • Wednesday 7.00p.m
  • Wednesday 8.00p.m
  • Thursday 8.00p.m

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According to the poll results, Thursday at 8.00 PM will be the new squad call time. I will send you the invitations



Attendees: @anjisvj , @kumuditha_udayanga , @piumal1999 , @cmdrGuyson

  • Pilot program is now on the ONGOING state
  • There are some PENDING mentees
    • The backend automatically REJECTS only the mentees with multiple mentors
    • Need to reject remaining mentees and send the rejection emails manually
      • Inform Dharana and Akshika
  • Need to get the feedback
    • Prepare the questionnaire
    • Developers Quiz
      • Get a rough idea about the resources we have. Then we can plan the next stage
    • Create the feedback forms (this week)
      • For mentors - Kumuditha
      • For mentees - Piumal
      • For developers - Gayanga
        • Availability
        • Suggestions
    • We can use google forms
  • Noticed some bugs
    • Rejection emails
    • Problems with confirming mentors
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Attendees: @anjisvj @Gravewalker @piumal1999

  • Piumal created the draft mentor questions

  • Piumal created the pending students email list

  • Created the mentee feedback questionnaire / need approval

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@anjisvj, @piumal1999 , @kumuditha_udayanga, @cmdrGuyson

  • Kumuditha created the draft mentor questions

  • Reviewed and updated the questions during the meeting

  • Piumal created the google form with the mentee questions

  • Need to ask the team to review the questions

  • Gayanga will get feedback from maintainers



Anjula, Kumuditha, Heshan

  • Created a draft excel sheet for the ScholarX 2v timeline.

Future plans:

  • Before creating we should collect the data(feedback) from Mentors, Mentees, Maintainers and Developers.

  • Then we can extract data from the feedback forms and create the document.

  • While the feedback data is been collected, we can create the diagrams (ERD, Component diagram, Architecture Diagram, Usecase Diagram).

  • Anjula will create the timeline and assign members to create the diagrams

  • Timeline and Diagrams should be delivered on Saturday 2 October.Preformatted text

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@anjisvj , @kumuditha_udayanga , @piumal1999



Attendees: @anjisvj, @piumal1999, @cmdrGuyson, @Akeel_malik, @kumuditha_udayanga

  • Discuss about the mentor-mentee matching process.

  • Requirements:

    • Add new fields for the mentor and mentee applications.
    • Need to add a new state where the admin checks everything before the program switch to ‘ongoing state’.
    • Adding two columns to the mentee object.
    • Provide filters to the admins for mentors and mentees.
  • Finalize the 3rd matching process option

  • Next week we will be discussing about the architecture of the program.

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