The Scholarx 2023 page improvements

Hey all!
I got assigned with the task of improving the ScholarX 2023 page in the last standup.
So far, I’ve sent the initial idea I had to @DESIRA and he provided me with the content. So kudos to him :rocket:.


Be a mentor for ScholarX23
Do you consider yourself a qualified professional with a knack for mentoring? Now you can share your knowledge with budding young talent of Sri Lanka. Click below to be registered to the program and be a part of the bigger picture.

Take part as a mentee under ScholarX23
Are you a skilled young individual who needs a little push in the right direction? We got you covered. With our premium free mentoring program, you too can get insight into the industry of your choosing and get mentored under highly qualified industrial experts. Expand your potential by clicking below.

Here’s a preview of the scholarx 2023 page with the proposed changes.

Please share your thoughts/ suggestions on this. And also if you can find 2 suitable images for each of these sections, please share them on this thread.

Thank you!



Hi guys,

So as mentioned in the last meeting I found some illustrations to represent mentor and mentees. I changed their colours to match with the illustrations already in the SEF site using Figma.

Let me know what you guys think of them.



Learning-pana 1


Great job @Methma_Peiris, Thank you! These look perfect. I’d like to pick the 3rd one for the mentee section.
Would like to hear your and also others’ thoughts on this as well. @EngTeam


Thank you for the feedback @Madhawa :smile:

Hey y’all,
Preview updated! Feel free to share your thoughts or if It needs any changes.
Thank you.


Looks good @Madhawa! I merged it. Thank you @Methma_Peiris for helping @Madhawa with the illustrations.


Wonderful work team! I can really see the improvements on the site.


Hey everyone! As mentioned in the last call, I found some illustrations to represent mentor/mentee archive. Please let me know if there is something I need to change.


Also @Madhawa I made some changes to the previous mentor and mentee illustrations (upgraded the quality of the image and add more elements). If you can replace the current illustrations with the following ones I think it would be better :grinning:


What do you think @anjisvj ?

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I think the first one suits the archive more. Thank you @Methma_Peiris! Since @janithlahiru is away for exams. Can you make a PR updating this?

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@DESIRA You can provide @Methma_Peiris the description for the archive as well.

Sure @anjisvj ! I will.

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Looks sharp & awesome @Methma_Peiris.
Do you think these two needs a seperate PR? @anjisvj or @Methma_Peiris can update them also, along with the archive PR.

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We can create a separate issue a keep it open for new contributor @Madhawa

Sounds cool! @anjisvj
I will create an issue.

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Yeah sure @anjisvj I can provide the content. Will there be two issues for the content and vector art?


That can be a single issue @DESIRA

sure. I’ll drop the content here. @Madhawa did you create an issue for this?

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For archive image and description, no. Can you create one and assign @Methma_Peiris?