ScholarX Mentor/Mentee Archive

Hi @anjisvj

I think we need to have a more structured way of showing the mentors and mentees in the past and present programs. At the moment we have different designs and it is not representative of who was in which program etc.


Yes, Currently we have the ScholarX archive section where we show the past scholarX pages. Instead of keeping them separately maybe we can create a single archive page where users can filter mentees/mentors based on the program and other filters.

@EngTeam What do you guys think?

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Thank you @DilinaBandara for taking responsibility of this. You can use this thread to clarify anything. You can refer to ycombinator as an inspiration.

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Pleasure! Thank you for assigning me to this, will keep you posted

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Hi @akshika47 @anjisvj @jaye EngTeam

I’m currently working on developing a solution to have a more structured way of displaying mentors and mentees of ScholarX.

My proposal is that we can also add in selections by using checkboxes such as:

  • Batch (Eg:2022)
  • Industry(Eg: Computer Science, Engineering)
  • Present/Past programs attended/worked on

And also adding in the option to select and view Mentees or mentors individually or simultaneously at the same time

Currently, the ScholarX archive page only has the option to filter through various industries and only displays mentors

Any ideas, suggestions, or comments? Please feel free to post them down below in this thread. Thanks

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I like your proposal @DilinaBandara. For an initial version suggested fields are good. We can have the filter on the left side. For mentees apart from the year what type of filters we can have? Maybe the university. @akshika47

Any updates on this? @DilinaBandara

Hi @anjisvj @jaye @akshika47 @EngTeam , I built a sample wireframe according to my proposal posted in the thread

Here’s the preview:

Please feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, or comments to improve this @EngTeam

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This is good work! Some comments are as follows.

  1. No need for the project timeline part
  2. Batch and Programs would have the same right? keep only one. I prefer the word cohort
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Good job! @DilinaBandara I think this is good apart from @akshika47’s comments.

Hi @akshika47 thank you for the comments and feedback, I’ll work on the changes of the wireframe and post it to finalize. Thanks!

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Thank you @anjisvj for the feedback!

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Hey all!
Me and @DilinaBandara made this design for the ScholarX Archive section.

would like to get your feedbacks and suggestions.

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Looks great! Thank you @Madhawa and @DilinaBandara. We can show the filters vertically instead of horizontally. @jaye, @akshika47 WDYT?

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Hi @anjisvj @akshika47 @jaye this is the [Current design in progress] that we are working on

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