ScholarX 2021 Landing Page

We need to create the static web page(landing page) of ScholarX 2021. Please use this thread to discuss what is needed for the website. My suggestions are as follows

  1. Use as much as from the previous year’s web page(structure, content)
  2. For Mentors: Put a link to sign up or show interest
  3. For students: Put a link to show interest

Customise as necessary but try to keep it simple.


Hi @akshika47 thanks for initiating this,

What do you mean by this?

cc: @Gimhan_minion @Janeth_Fernando

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Since this is before launching the program/SX platform we might want to add a signup link for mentors(to show interest, not a full sign-up) and students(like a waiting list)! So when we launch the full program we can update the website with the links to the platform!


That sounds good. Thanks for the clarification.

@Janeth_Fernando shall we create a new branch on the site to start working on this?

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Yes @jaye, creating a separate branch on the site would be easy to manage.

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To structure the content use a card-sorting exercise. Read more about here:

Card sorting can be done on Miro and it would help to cluster the information on the web more efficiently.

Hi guys,

We are hoping to have a social media call out and get people to register within two weeks time (the sooner the better) . So we need:-

  1. To update all content to 2021 info - we will share all content updates in the coming days.

  2. A working link we can share on social media to the page that will allow potential new mentors to “Register to become a mentor”. They should be able to leave their Name and email address so that we can then contact them at a later stage.

How does that sound? Doable?


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what do you think @DevTeam?

Hi @Dharana_J,

Thanks for the update and sorry for the late reply.

The @EngTeam team is a bit busy these days by delivering the MVP of the ScholarX platform. It would be nice if you could give us an extra week buffer to keep the things on the safe side.

It would be really helpful if you could help us provide the following,

  1. Program timeline
  2. Updated FAQs for mentors and mentees
  3. Description of the program. (only if it is different from the previous one)
  4. A description of the call to action.

@Janeth_Fernando would you mind keep eye on the development of this page? :blush:
Let’s take the structure and the content from the previous year page.

Hi @jaye @Janeth_Fernando,

Please follow this link it has all the information regarding timeline, faqs etc.
We are going to start contacting new mentors but for the time being will not direct them to the website. Please do let us know as soon as this can go live so we can update the message for registration.

Thank you!


Thanks, @Dharana_J!
@Janeth_Fernando Do we need any additional information in addition to this doc?

@NaviRocker Would you mind helping @Janeth_Fernando to implement this? It might be a good starting point for you. :hugs:

Sure @jaye. Will work on it :raised_hands:

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Thanks, @NaviRocker! We are so glad to see your enthusiasm! :heart_eyes:

This is the repo:

This is the current scholarX page:

All we need is,

  • Make a copy of the 2020 page
  • Edit the page with the provided details
  • @Janeth_Fernando will create a new branch for this task, you can divide this into a few PRs if needed

I created a new branch for you @NaviRocker:

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So @jaye @Janeth_Fernando, What I suppose to do is only the above-mentioned tasks, right?
For the moment, I’ll remove the mentor’s section until things are sorted out.

Yes Naveen, actually the task is to do the following,

Here’s the doc:

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Hi @NaviRocker and @jaye,
I added a PR by updating the scholarx-20 page with the new content for scholar-21. I did the following changes.

  1. Duplicate scholarx-20 page and rename one as scholarx-21
  2. Added the new timeline to scholarx-21 which I found in the document provided.
  3. Moved scholarx-20 to archive list.
  4. Updated the Archive list by adding a new card for scholarx-20
  5. Updated the links from home and navigation bar to visit the new scholarx-21

I sent the PR to the scholarx-2021 branch


Merged the PR! Thank you very much for initiating the page @Janeth_Fernando!

@Dharana_J @akshika47 could you please have a look?

Next steps:

  1. Update the description in the header.
  2. Add “Why “ScholarX”?” and “How does the matching work?” sections
  3. Remove the mentor section
  4. Creating a Google form for mentors and mentees
  5. Replace the “Find a mentor for me” section with the created form
  6. Update the FAQ for Mentees section

@Dharana_J do we need a separate page for the Mentor’s Guide?

@NaviRocker pardon me if you have already initiated the task, I wasn’t aware that Janeth is working on this.
@DevTeam, We can avoid these conflicts in the future by,

  1. Creating an issue and getting assigned before starting the work.
  2. Update the progress in Hive

@NaviRocker you can choose tasks from the above-mentioned next steps.

Thanks all for your kind contributions! :hugs:

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As we discussed on yesterday’s standup, we don’t need the “Why “ScholarX”?” and “How does the matching work?” sections.

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