ScholarX success stories page

Hey guys! In the last dev team stand-up, I was assigned for the creation of the Success Stories page for ScholarX.
Today I discussed this with @anjisvj and listed these as the content we need gathered for the page;


  • Mentee (Llinkedin profile link)
  • Highlights / Achievements
  • Story / testimonial
  • Who was his/her mentor (Linkedin profile link)
  • Program year

We decided to have these information gathered to a google sheet.

As for the plan,

  1. Gathering the content
  2. Creating a wireframe
  3. Implementation

I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding this and if there’re any factors that I haven’t considered yet.

Thank you

@jaye @akshika47 @anjisvj


Thanks for initiating the thread @Madhawa ! Can you share a link to the google sheet?

Btw, @anjisvj @piumal1999 we have a deployed strapi server right?

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yes, but it was not working for some reason. Need to check up on that.

Sure. Here is the link to the google sheet

One question, is the LinkedIn profile link is enough? or may I add another column to store his/her name?

@Madhawa Here are the links for the completion survey which would have all the details you require

2021 -

2020 -

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Thank you @Ashen_Hirantha. The 2021 survey has all the details we need, while the 2020 survey missing some. Can I contact you through Slack regarding this?

Hey guys! I’ve prepared a design for the Success Stories page, and would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on this.

Mobile View


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Good job! @Madhawa We are going to have this on the SEF site. So we need to design the site. We discussed this on today’s call. You can follow the same design as the testimonials section.

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Thank you @anjisvj. Sounds great!

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Hi @Madhawa, how’s the design coming? Do you have any blockers?

Hi @anjisvj and guys @EngTeam, so I used existing design and created a separate page and the design could fit all the details that I initially planned.

As planned, above design can display the details which are;

  • Mentee
  • Highlights / Achievements
  • Story / testimonial
  • Who was his/her mentor
  • Program year

Example with real data;

As it shown in above image it may look a bit off with some lengthy names.
Do you guys have any comments on this?

Good job! @Madhawa How is it going to look with more lengthy content? What about something like this? I mean a card with more width. It doesn’t need to be exactly like the testimonial section.

@akshika47 @EngTeam @Ashen_Hirantha Will be able to give feedback on this.


This is great progress team. Some feedback on the content.

I would want to add the mentor details as well here. Apart from that I would like to show their ‘notable achievements’ or something of that sort.


Thanks for the feedback @akshika47. And sure, we will be able to add the mentor details as well. I will provide an updated design soon.

About ‘notable achievements’, on the “column I” of completion survey of ScholarX 2021, there are some really good achievements listed as well.

Since there are 100+ of responses we may need some sort of filtering to get the most outstanding ones. What would you think of these (“column I”) being considered as “notable achievements”? @akshika47

Thank you @anjisvj for the feedback, and Yes, I also think that wider cards are much more suited for the job. And then the more lengthy content also will be fitted really well. I will provide an updated design following all the suggestions soon.

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Hey guys, Here I’ve attached the updated design with the requested changes.

example with more lengthy content :

Hope the design fits with all the requirements. @anjisvj @akshika47 @EngTeam I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

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This is great! @Madhawa I think we can move the profile image right next to the name because it uses too much space and is not that important. Apart from that, I like this design.

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Thank you @anjisvj. Here I’ve attached the updated design based on the comments, looking forward to hear your thoughts.

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Thank you! @Madhawa I think this is good. We need to add the achievements section as well.
@akshika47 @EngTeam can you give some feedback?

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Hi guys, I updated the design based on the feedback on previous standup.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Personally I prefer the “Concept 1”. Would like to hear your thoughts on this. @EngTeam