ScholarX 2022 - Platform demo

Hey guys,

You can find the demo video of the system below, please leave feedback on this thread itself.


cc: @akshika47 @EngTeam @jaye @Dharana_J

P.S: Sorry, My mouth goes dry when I try to speak.


This is the next level! Well done @piumal1999 and @Gravewalker for completing it within a short period of time!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Also, thanks @anjisvj , @kumuditha_udayanga, @cmdrGuyson, @Madhawa, @YaiyaSam, @Neith, @Gimhan_minion , @Pasindu_Rupasinghe and everyone who worked hard to get the February edition out!

@Gravewalker and @piumal1999 how can run a test run?


I did test it out yesterday, We identified a couple of bugs and fixed them today
We could have another one with the guys on the deployed instance if it’s needed


Great stuff guys!! Its looking really good! :smiley:

I’ll try and give more feedback in the coming days for now I had a quick request - would it be possible for mentors to add notes/comments to the mentee applications they receive? Or maybe give the applications a score? (on the “manage mentee” page mentors see)


Yup, it’ll be possible
But with the time we got, it’ll be a bit difficult engineer a perfect solution.
If we do this in the easiest way possible, even the mentees will have access to these data
We’ll discuss this in tomorrows engineering team meeting and get back to you

cc: @EngTeam @jaye