Implementing the relevant views for Mentees in a program

Implementing the view for showing the mentors in a program
Hi guys :wave:,
I’ve been assigned to implement the following task.
In the ScholarX platform, Once the program reached the lifecycle state of MENTEE_APPLICATION_PERIOD and in the MENTEE_VERIFICATION_PERIOD a mentee can apply for mentors. So my task is to list down all the mentors that available in that particular program.

Here’s the wireframe for the view:

I’m planning to use GET : programs/{programId}/mentors/ API to get the mentors.

Here’s the Github issue for the above task:

When I starting to code I noticed that the directory structure needs to be changes for MentorApplication and EditMentorApplication. Currently, it’s under Home -> components and it should be Home -> scenes.

Corrected structure :


I also have some things to be clarified:

  • Do I have to create the dynamic button for the program card. Ex: for this scenario the button should be
    Request for a mentor .
  • Is creating dummy buttons for request and cancel enough for this task?
  • What about this for the URL /program/:programId/mentee/mentor-request
  • What is the purpose of this APIs
  • What is the API for request mentors?
  • What happens mentee cancel the request?

I create this draft PR for this task:

Thanks @anjisvj for the detailed update!
@EngTeam take this as an example. :yellow_heart:

Let’s do it in another task, after implementing all possible functionalities.

Yes. It’s okay for the initial PR. Then you can implement the apply/edit mentee application functionality. (You can use the same thread. Add the details of the application process in the requirement and make the title generic. Ex. Implementing the mentee application functionality in scholarx)

I think program/{:programId} would be ideal.

  1. list all applied mentors of the logged-in user (in the mentee application period)
  2. list all mentees of the logged-in mentor

@YohanAvishke @piumal1999 correct me if I’m wrong

@piumal1999 @YohanAvishke

According to the requirement, the user should be able to apply for that mentor again (within the mentee application period)

Apart from them, there should be another button to edit each mentor requests in the wireframe.

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In this view, Request and edit are just dummy buttons. @jaye
Please review the draft PR,

The PR looks good to me. We need a button to cancel request as well.

I was thinking not to add it now for 2 reasons:

  1. It just another button adding it easy
  2. Request button is the button that needs to be changed to cancel when the mentee request mentor

The PR is ready for review. :blush:

Request for a mentor & Edit request
Can you explain this? Is this applying as a mentee? @jaye

Yes, applying as a mentee.

Apply as a Mentee/ Edit Mentee Application

Hi guys :wave:,
I’ve been assigned to implement the following task.
In the ScholarX platform, Once the program reached the lifecycle state of MENTEE_APPLY_PERIOD a mentee can apply for mentors. So my task is to create the form that a mentee get to fill in order to apply for a mentor.

Here’s the wireframe for the view:

Here’s the issue for the above task:

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Hi @anjisvj,

Please update the wireframe as we discussed offline.

As we discussed the mentor request modal needs to be changed. Currently, I don’t have permission to edit the wireframe. As soon as I got the permission I will update it.

Here’s the draft PR:

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When It comes to editing the doc URL, I need to GET the mentee so I had to change the the route from program/:programId to program/programId/mentee/menteeId. Let me know your thoughts. @jaye

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Is there a new page? Or are you using the modal?

If it is a modal, your solution might not work because the mentee id is unique for each application (mentor request)

I was going to use a modal. Isn’t there another way to get the current submission url?

It’s okay to use the modal.
But you can’t do the following because mentee id is unique for each application.

So let’s say it’s a new page? How is it going to solve the issue?

My point is not between using a model and and a new page.

The mentee id is unique for each application. And I don’t think the API should expect the mentee id to send the application details. It should expect the mentor ID because we can extract the mentee id by using the userId (already in the session) and the mentorID.

@piumal1999 @YohanAvishke

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ah yes so current API isn’t capable of that right?

I didn’t go through the API doc. Check with it. If it isn’t available get help from @piumal1999 and @YohanAvishke to fix it