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Recently I worked on changing the home page testimonials from the carousel view to the card view. Yesterday at the web squad meeting, we discussed about the testimonial cards. So, the point was that all the cards in the SEF site had curved edges. To maintain the consistency of the site, we thought about doing that change to the testimonial cards as well. After the changes, it looks as below.

After that, I thought about Moving the cards into three rows. So, I tried that as well

@DevTeam WDYT :thinking:


@Gajindu_Bandara I love the new change it goes well with the rest of the websites design and everything ,Great work mate :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I suggest we get some new testimonials. There were some given by the ScholarX mentors. @jaye are you able to find those?

cc: @Dharana_J

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@akshika47 was it from a google form?

I am not sure! But I have seen them on a slide deck done for ScholarX.

Where can I find this? @akshika47 Is it with the sx team?

Shall we go for new testimonials? 2 mentors, 2 mentees, 2 volunteers

yeah sure. @kumuditha_udayanga will you be able to add them?

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@anjisvj Sure I’ll add them

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