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Hi guys! :innocent: This thread is about improving the Dev page. The main objective is to showcase the past and present activities of the Dev team so we can encourage new contributors to join and work with the Dev team.

The first thing is to identify stuff that we are gonna display on the dev page. I found out some things and also got some ideas from the previous Dev stand-ups as well.

  • Blog posts - Displaying the blog posts on the page. Categorize them on various topics so the user can search on relevant topics.

  • Knowledge sharing sessions - Display the knowledge sharing sessions and categorizing them on relevant topics.

  • Achievements section - Adding a section for the achievements which are achieved by the Dev team members. As an example, we can showcase the GSoC winners

  • Projects - Displaying some mind-blowing projects done by the members

  • Ongoing Projects - Displaying the ongoing projects so the new contributors can get an idea about what we are working on

These are the things I identified as in my perspective :sweat_smile:. There can be pros and cons so what do you think? @EngTeam


Do you mean individual personal projects?

How do we make the distinction? and if we do would we have enough projects in each category?

We can categorize them as individual and team projects. It can be a project related to SEF or it can be a personal one

This shouldn’t be bulky content. As an example let’s say this week we have three projects like scholarX testing, IRC page designing, and the Dev Page designing. We just display those three tasks on some kind of card or something with a small description. Simply the idea is to show the projects that we are currently working on. This was the thing I thought.

In the last web squad meeting, we discussed the things that we are gonna display on the dev page. After the discussion, we decided to remove the Projects section from the page and also to add the Best practices section to the page.

Currently, I’m working on the wireframe designing and I’ll be able to finish it before the next web squad meeting and I’m hoping to present the wireframe there and discuss it with the dev team. :innocent:

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@Gajindu_Bandara I left some comments on the Figma design.

Displaying the overall goal of the project would be enough I guess. If we add our current tasks, we might need to update it frequently. Also it won’t add that much of value.

Is there any specific reason for removing projects? I think that’s the most important part of the page.
Regarding best practices, We can move it to the page. Having it here won’t give that much value/marketing to our team. Having a link on the navbar is enough I guess.

Having projects of the team would be enough. We could use the news/achievements section to showcase individual projects or achievements.

This section should always be linked to a blog post or a video. The current design in Figma is designed to display them as profiles, but it will repeat the profiles again and again. Having a blog post linked would be much informative. I can remember we discussed this earlier.

cc: @akshika47 @Gravewalker @piumal1999 @anjisvj @Akeel_malik @Janeth_Fernando

Ok then I’ll work on just displaying the projects

We discussed displaying the “Projects” section on the site. @Gravewalker explained that it’s not good to use that section. So, we thought about removing it

For the best practices, we’ll link it in the navbar and create a separate page for that

Yeah! we will further discuss that at the next web squad meeting

I’ll work on that as well

Hi all! We had discussions about improving the Dev page on previous web squad meetings. As I was assigned to that task, I came up with a primary design and got feedback from others. Finally, we all agreed with the sections that we are gonna display on the page. As we discussed the main sections of the page are as below,

  • Introduction
  • Dev badges
  • Knowledge Sharing sessions
  • Blogs
  • Projects

We planned to use Github Primer for this, so I didn’t have any idea about it. I had a call with @jaye and he explained to me the things that I should do next. We created a new Figma design for that with the Github Primer components.

This is the link for the newly created Figma design -

Also, there are some doubts to clarify. I’m gonna discuss those things in today’s web squad meeting

The next step of the task is to finalize the design section by section. I’m gonna start with one section. I’ll work on that and update you all in the thread. :grinning:

We had a discussion on the last SEF tech team standups to decide the theme for the new Dev page. After the discussion, we decided to design the page with a black theme. :grin:

I have finalized the design of the projects section. We are hoping to discuss further things in today’s web squad meeting.

This is the link to the Project section design -

I have a small suggestion for this section. Since this is the dev page, I think we should use the project section to display the basic details of the projects with the links to respective GitHub repositories(There may be a matching component in the primer design system).

Otherwise, it’ll be the same thing we already have on the sefglobal home page.

What do you think? @jaye @Gravewalker @Akeel_malik @Gajindu_Bandara

Hi all!, I redesigned the project section after the discussion, we had in the last tech team weekly standups. I went through GitHub primer used websites and thought of using a design on the Github issues page. I created a design for the project section as in below. :grin:

Figma design -

@EngTeam what about this design?

We had a discussion about the above design on the last web squad meeting. Some points came up during the discussion, one thing is the button color and it should be change to blue to match the SEF theme. The next thing was the images. There was a little issue regarding the images, the thing was should we keep it or remove it. There is no purpose of keeping the images so have to think about that or should move with a design without the images. This is the latest update about the dev page. @EngTeam

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Hey guys. I had a offline discussion with jayasanka and we decided to use same design for it as SEF global page because It takes time to build a new one… After that we can move it to a another domain with a new design. So this is the basic structure that we came up with.

@anjisvj What do u think?.

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Thank you @Randila_Preamarathne for taking action. I agree with the design. Let’s start gathering the content from @EngTeam.

Please use this link to update contents for the dev page



@DESIRA will provide @Randila_Preamarathne a description.

Hey guys this is the description I wrote for the dev page:

Being part of the SEF engineering team is a lot more than making a pull request. You get first-hand experience in handling the latest cutting-edge technologies and it will be required of you to develop skills that are essential to being part of the modern industry. With our community being active through various mediums such as standup meetings, knowledge sharing sessions and communication platform groups, you will soon be exposed to the startup culture, the various practices and procedures involved with contributing to projects.

Please let me know if there should be any changes to this

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Thanks @DESIRA !

Regarding the hero image, maybe we can try the following image if we are planning to go with a realistic image:

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There are some conflicts in the PR. Can you fix them? @Randila_Preamarathne