Updating the deployment scripts of ScholarX

I started working on writing a script to deploy the ScholarX. I started extending the existing Github Action and was able to perform the heroku login after numerous failures. The following script creates the .netrc file which stores Heroku credentials.

      cat > ~/.netrc <<EOF
        machine api.heroku.com
          login $HEROKU_EMAIL
          password $HEROKU_API_KEY
        machine git.heroku.com
          login $HEROKU_EMAIL
          password $HEROKU_API_KEY

With this file, we don’t need to run heroku login.

Currently, I’m struggling with the next part which is to push the code to the heroku remote. Which fails due to some git failure.

This is the current code snippet which tries to commit the changes to the Heroku remote. But it’s failing and tried various changes but no luck.

          git config --global user.name ${{secrets.USER_NAME}}
          git config --global user.email ${{secrets.USER_EMAIL}}
          cd backend
          git init
          heroku git:remote --app $HEROKU_APP_NAME
          git add .
          git commit -m "Deploy"
          git fetch --all --unshallow
          git push heroku HEAD:maste

Here’s the whole workflow.

@piumal1999 can you find what’s wrong with this?

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