Fixing the scholarx repository branches

As we discussed in the last meeting, we need to brush up the branches on scholarx frontend and backend repositories by removing the unnecessary branches.

In scholarx-frontend repository, we have 3 branches.

  1. master
  2. development
  3. scholarx-feb-edition

Both master and development branches are outdated and scholarx-feb-edition is the branch which is being used for the current deployment. Previously (in scholarx summer edition), we used the master branch for deployment and did the releases with that branch. It is 6 commits ahead
(due to the releases and merges) and 37 commits behind the scholarx-feb-edition. Currently, development branch is 0 commits ahead of other branches, so it is ok to be deleted.

So when brushing up the frontend branches, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Delete the development branch
  2. Merge the scholarx-feb-edition branch to master branch (Merge pull request from scholarx-feb-edition…)
  3. Do a release from master branch (v1.6)
  4. Update the deployment script to use the master branch instead of scholarx-feb-edition branch
  5. Rename the scholarx-feb-edition branch to development

Expected outcome:

  • Two frontend branches
    1. master - the stable version which is used for deployment
    2. development - unreleased version in development

Are we ok to go with this plan?
Btw, do we have any need of keeping a separate deployment branch?

cc: @Gravewalker @anjisvj

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In the backend, we have 4 branches.

  1. master
  2. development
  3. sx-february
  4. sx-feb-demo

Previously (during scholarx summer), we used master branch to do the releases, development branch for the unreleased version, and a separate deployment branch for the deployment.
Now, master branch is 4 commits ahead(due to releases and branch merges) and 54 commits behind. development branch is 0 commits ahead of other branches.

Currently, sx-february is the branch which is used for development and sx-feb-demo is the branch that is used for the deployment.

In the backend, configurations in sx-february branch and deployed version are a little bit different due to the database configuration. We use Postgres in deployment while using MySQL for development. So we may need to keep a separate branch for the deployment.

My suggestions for brushing up backend branches:

  • Since the development branch is outdated and no longer used, we can directly delete it right now. (Later we can rename the sx-february branch to development)
  • We can use the master branch for releases.

For deployment, which branch should we use? master or a separate branch called deployment?


Thank you @piumal1999 for the suggestions! I agree with your suggestions. What was the limitation of using MySQL with heroku?

@anjisvj There’s a query limit in the ClearDB MySQL plugin(around 3600 queries per hour). It exceeds within a few minutes when multiple users use the platform simultaneously. So we used the Heroku Postgres plugin.

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I renamed the scholarx-feb-edition branch of scholarx-frontend repo to development. From now onwards, it will be used for development and master branch will be used for the deployments.

The backend branches are also changed. From now onwards, development branch (previously sx-february) will be used for development. master branch will be used for releasing versions. deployment branch (previously sx-feb-demo) will be temporarily used for deployments.

You can use the following git example to update the branches locally.

 git branch -m sx-february development
 git fetch origin
 git branch -u origin/development development
 git remote set-head origin -a
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Thank you @piumal1999 for getting this done! :star_struck: