Improving scholarx app for the upcoming stages

This thread is to note down the feature requests that can be implemented to improve the upcoming stages of scholarx.

The current scholarx program is as of today is in mentee application period and tonight will be moved on to admin mentee filtration period.

The focus should be on the later stages like ongoing to identify what are the things that we can automate and integrate into the application itself that we do manually right now.

Below mentioned are a few suggestions I had in the back of my mind from the start that we can easily implement before the program reaches those respective stages

  1. Taking feedback from mentees through the platform and sending those to the mentors in the final stages of the program (by sending an email or displaying in the mentor dashboard or both)
  2. A statistics page for admins to get quick insights on the program (numbers of mentees/mentors, numbers on people from specific institutions)
  3. A generic email sender for admins to send out custom emails to specific groups (i.e selected mentees/mentors, rejected mentors/mentees, all mentees/mentors)

@akshika47 do you have anything specific in mind that we should attend to right now in the platform?

cc: @EngTeam @jaye @akshika47


Another one we can add is a feature to let mentors and admins create events that they can send to the mentees or in the case of admins to mentors or mentees.
The mentors would be able to invite their mentees for these events. The mentees would have a separate events tab, where they can find the details about the event and a link to join the event (google meet, zoom, teams, etc).
As admins, we can use this to organise meet ups, coffee meetings, and such.

  • Mentee feedback
  • Events
  • Emails

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