ScholarX Advisory Session


To improve, organise and identify bottlenecks in the ScholarX platform. An advisory call with Dr. Gloria Padmaperuma and the @EngTeam was held. After the successful call since there were many more points to discuss but little time, we decided to have followup calls.
Purpose of this thread is to document the discussions and highlight the key points.

First Session

Date 2021-06-14T08:00:00Z2021-06-14T09:00:00Z
Attendees: Dr. Gloria Padmaperuma ,@jaye , @YohanAvishke , @Gravewalker , @piumal1999

Important points

Did a demo on the current implementation

  • Explained all user flows


  • Adding reviews mentee reviews for mentors that can be used to improve later program selections
  • Creating a predefined scopes for mentee and mentor questions. Which will help to implement a automated rating system for the answers.
  • Defining more metadata (eg: word limit for applicant answers, etc.)

Xmind -

  • Xmind is a tool that can be used to brainstorming
  • We can break the Scholarx to different parts
    • We can create branch for each
  • Grannt chart
  • Try to break the work into smaller part
  • We can use Xmind to,
    • Define deadlines
    • Manage stuff
    • Visualise where are we now
    • It helps new users to learn the history of the project

Can we scrape data from Linkedin?

  • Currently we get basic information from Linkedin
  • We don’t have permission
  • Need to apply for the Linkedin developer platform to access more information

Where we got ideas

  • Google Summer of code
  • Google coding

Dr. Gloria: Initiate a mindmap

  • Come-up with couple of ideas

How we are going to communicate?
Linkedin - During the week


Mind map created by Dr. Gloria for the ScholarX. Since this is only shared on Slack, reposting…

@anjisvj this should be handled by the ScholarX squad. After clearing out the blockers for running the MVP. Can you give some focus for this?

cc: @jaye @Gravewalker @anjisvj


sure, I’ll take a look at this.

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