Welcome to the Web-Squad 😎

Welcome Everyone :hugs:

This thread is for everyone who wishes to join the Web-Squad. The main focus is to methodically organize the website, to help students to connect with industry experts and academics around the world.

We’ll be having a weekly call to discuss sprints, tasks, objectives of the SEF-Site. In order to do that, we have to come up with a date to organize a weekly call.

These are the available dates for the standup.

Please select your availability to have our weekly meeting.

  • Monday 7.00p.m
  • Tuesday 7.00p.m
  • Wednesday 7.00p.m
  • Thursday 7.00p.m
  • Friday 7.00p.m

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Hello Everyone,
We’ve decided to have the weekly Web-Squad stand up on Friday 7.00 p.m
I’ll update the meeting link later.

Anyone who’s interested is welcome to join :hugs:

Here’s the meeting link for the standup:

SEF-WebSquad Weekly StandUp
Friday· 7:00 – 8:00pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/awa-fkxg-ssd



Attendees: Gajindu, Heshan, Janeth, Gimhan, Desira, Madhawa

  1. Heshan divided the upcoming work into following task sets

Task set 1

  • Stop all the redesigning issues
  • Discuss pros and cons

  • We keep delaying the redesigning of the site due to various reasons,

  • Reason for the delay:

  • First up we thought we need to first gather all the data before moving into designing a system

  • But we can start redesigning by defining a design system properly

  • We will have the same bootstrap site without any further enhancements until we finish the redesign, make a plan, and start developing the new site with the new design.


  • Redesign the site properly before moving it further dev or enhancements - Make a design system

  • Colour system

  • Typography

  • Iconography

  • Imagery

  • Layout (Sizing and spacing)

Task set 2

  1. Gajindu will lead the JSON migrating task and finish it within this week

  2. Heshan & Janeth will look into existing design systems. & Suggested that using Figma for mockups would be nice.

  3. Gimhan will focus on the IRC mindmap and the overall project.

  4. Gajindu will focus on the upspeak page testimonial section.

P.S :- Sorry for doing this last minute, I totally forgot that I had to update the notes.

2021-07-22T18:30:00Z Meeting Notes

@akshika47, @Gajindu_Bandara, @Gimhan_minion, @Akeel_malik, @piumal1999, @DESIRA

Gajindu :

  • Finished the Google sheet process
  • Deleted unwanted json files
  • Cloudinary migaration Ongoing
  • Sent the PR for Upspeak testimonal - pending
    • Heshan reviewed it
  • Another week to migrate everything to cloudinary


  • Worked on 3 issues - merged (2019, 2020, 2021 ScholarX - mentors)
  • Will help Gajindu with cloudinary migration


  • Can work on issues
  • Gajindu will create and assign some issues


  • IRC - Will have another call with Dr.Gloria on monday
  • Will mainly focus on IRC project
  • Will get updates from Janeth and Heshan regarding the redesigning.


  • Gave feedback on IRC mindmap
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2021-07-29T18:30:00Z Meeting notes

@Gravewalker, @Gimhan_minion, @jaye, @Janeth_Fernando

  • Gajindu was working on cloudinary migrations

    • Still working on it because it takes time to upload each and every photo
    • Gajindu and Gimhan was working on adding a loading animation for google sheet contents
      • It’s already implemented but gajindu still has to send the pull request
  • Design System is still pending

    • In need of Design team member to create figma mockups
    • Suggested to have collaborative calls to create the mockups
    • Discussed the pros and cons of Uber design system and Primer Design System
    • Chose Primer Design System

2021-08-05T18:30:00Z Meeting notes

Heshan, Akeel, Piumal,Desira, Jayasanka, Janeth, Gajindu, Gimhan, Pasindu

IRC page

  • Jayasanka has made a few mockup User interfaces using figma and primer design language
    • TODO: Gimhan Should get a feeback from Gloria, Minuri, Akshika and Ranojan
  • Finalize the blog and the home
    • TODO: Gimhan to check how to implement the blog

Scholarx page card issue

  • The padding is missing
    • Had a discussion
    • Desira will have a look

Moving to google scripts

  • The entire task is finalised
    • Gajindu has put a PR to add a loading animation
      • Should we put the animation to the whole page or to the body section?
        • It’s better if we can only put the animation on initial load since we can’t do that we can put the animation only on those specific areas.
      • The animations are a bit overkill??? discuss
      • Replace the animation with a skeleton animation or just put a loading text

Dev Page:

  • Making the footer - Akeel is working on it
  • Best Practices button breaks in mobile view - Akeel is working on it
  • Welcome PR
    • Pasindu is working on implementing a Jekyll repo

2021-08-12T18:30:00Z Meeting Notes

Desira, Piumal, Heshan, Akeel, Gimhan, Pasindu

DEV Page

  • Pasindu sent the PR initializing the welcome pr repository
  • It was done using jekyll and can be hosted in the github pages to get the json output of the developer profiles
    • Next week:
      • Replace the dev page network call link with this one
      • Have to enable github pages
  • Akeel has made the footer and fixed the best practices button - PR sent
    • Not merged
    • Next week:
      • Working on making the navbar responsive


  • Desira fixed the FAQ section padding issue
    • The PR was merged
  • Next week :Heshan makes the update on the cloudinary sheets

2021-08-19T18:30:00Z Meeting notes

Piumal, Pasindu, Gajindu, Gimhan, Heshan

Dev Pages:

  • Pasindu replaced the exisiting developers
  • Update the PR template of Pull request repo
  • Update the readme file


  • Gajindu worked on IRC page pre loader
    • Send the PR
      • Requested some changes


  • Gajindu will continue the IRC project

2021-08-26T18:30:00Z Meeting notes

@Gimhan_minion, @Akeel_malik, @Gravewalker, @jaye, @Gajindu_Bandara

  • Had a discussion regarding the meeting participation
  • Next week:
    • Contact ramitha and divya
  1. Devs Page ,

    • Akeels update:

      • Made the dev page footer
      • Added the fontawesome icons
      • Fixed the navbar best prac button breaking issue
      • Build a seprate thing for the navbar for the mobile view with a hamburgur button
      • Jaye suggested:
    • Next week:

      • Designing the dev page mobile nav bar
      • Planning on improving the dev page - Gajindu
        • Task is to identify the requirements for the dev page
        • Add stuff like,
          • Blog posts
          • Knowledge sharing sessions
          • Meetings
          • Projects
          • Achievements
  2. SEF-Site

    • Gajindus update:
      • Finished the pre loader replacements
        • There are some PRs to be merged
    • Akeel created an issue to put commit and PR guidelines into the readme file
      • The paragraph is huge, should be summarize to be put to the readme file
      • Jaye suggested:
        • Just put the link to the best practices page
  3. IRC

    • Gimhan had a call with Gajindu
    • Gajindu handed it over to Pasindu to take over
      • Has to introduce Pasindu to Gloria
    • Next week:
      • Come up with a plan for the requirement gathering


@Gravewalker, @DESIRA, @Gajindu_Bandara, @piumal1999, @Janeth_Fernando, @Pasindu_Rupasinghe

  1. SEF-Site
  • Janeth merged some PRs

    • Fixed scholarx archive link

    • Replace Scholarx21 link with the scholarx summer link

  • Upspeak testimonials page was fixed by pratheek - gimhan merged it

  • Gajindu sent PRs for preloaders

    • Janeth approved those.

    • All the preloaders are completed now(need to merge)

  • Desira has been working on the issue to fix the featured stories section for scholarx summer page

    • Having some issues hiding the section

    • The issue was not with the endpoint but the returned data wasn’t loaded properly into the html file

    • Desira is working on it

    • Janeth will update the issue

  1. Dev page
  • Gajindu documented the stuff that we have to put on the dev page

    • Heshan suggested using google sheets for blog posts

    • Best to have a separate page for 'development best practices

    • Create a wireframe / mind-map to easily manage the dev page

    • Gajindu said he will update the thread: “Improving Dev page” on Hive

  • Pasindu has finished the dev welcome PR repo

  1. IRC
  • Pasindu had a call with Dr.Gloria , Ranojan, Jayasanka and Heshan.

  • For this week Pasindu has to make a skeleton for the SRS and share it with Dr.Gloria.

October 1, 2021 Meeting notes

@Gravewalker, @Akeel_malik , @Gajindu_Bandara , @Pasindu_Rupasinghe , @piumal1999

1.Communication method

  • Should we create a seprate channel to get update requests

  • It would be better to create one - Decided to make a new channel

Dev Badges:

  • Profile image not working issue was resolved by akeel

  • Gayanga sent the welcome pull request and akeel granted him the badge

SEF Site:

  • Akeel and Gajindu had a conversation on this

  • Footer is not identical in all the places

  • There is a pull request pending by janeth - It was for a different issue

  • Sizes and the colours are not consitant throughout the site - Create a new issue

  • In the home page testamonial section is needs a redesigning -Gajindu is working on it

  • Color for the Sustainable Education Foundation text in home page - Akeel

  • Upspeak card is missing in the home page - Akeel is woking in it

  • Ask minuri for the project card number

  • Redirection issue in IRC page

  • Fix the issue

  • Open links in new tabs

DEV Page:

  • Gajindu added th badges design to the sketch

  • Search box for the knowledge share session to be removed


  • Preapared questions

  • Planning to have a call with Minuri

  • Heshan, Pasindu and Jaye scheduled a call to discuss IRC issues

For next week -

  • Gajindu is working on dev page and the home testimonial section

  • Akeel is working on the SEF page and the Upspeak cards

  • Review and merge Janeths PR

  • Akeel is assigned to make the issue for the footer

  • Pasindu will work on the footer afterwards

Friday 8th October 2021 Meeting Notes

@Gravewalker @Pasindu_Rupasinghe @piumal1999 @Gajindu_Bandara

SEF Site:

  • Gajindu worked on Homepage Testimonial

    Need to review the PR

    Merged during the meeting

  • Pasindu worked on Project Card

    Need to get the content

  • Fix Homepage colours

    Akeel was working on it

  • Changed the DEV team to Engineering Team

DEV Page:

  • Gajindu created a figma design

  • Need to change the button style

  • Badges section is alright

  • Remove knowledge sharing session card button

    Remove the text part

    The whole card can be used as the button

  • Achievements section is good

  • Ongoing projects:

    Describe the projects instead of only showing the logo

    Come up with a good way

  • No need to complete the whole design withing the week

    Section by section

    Choose 2 or 3 sections and focus on those

For next week -

  • Sef site

    Akeel is working on the home page color fixing

    Pasindu is working on the UpSpeak project card

  • Dev page

    Gajindu is working on designing the sections of the dev page

  • IRC

    Planning to take meeting with Pasindu, Jayasanka and Heshan

Friday 15th Oct

@Akeel_malik, @Gajindu_Bandara, @Pasindu_Rupasinghe @piumal1999

Logo for the Engineering Team

  • Demo Logo discussed, to be decided in the saturday call

SEF site -

  • Pasindu created a upspeak card

  • PR was merged

  • Discussed about the color of the “Sustainable Education Foundation” on the index page

  • SEF Logo - (Sustainable Education Foundation part) is not much visible in navbar

  • Onelive page:

  • Need to remove the imoji image

  • Need to fix section colors

  • Project card order

  • Someone sent a Pull request

  • Ask him to add the missing details

  • Close the PR and assign someone else if no response

  • Testiminials section

  • Gajindu will check for a better design

  • Check with rounded edges

DEV page-

  • Can we use the exisiting profile section?

  • Gajindu updated the design

  • Blog section

  • Projects Section

  • Remaining

  • Badges

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Docs

  • Achievements

  • Best practises

  • Need to think about the mobile view when designing

  • Favicon is missing

  • Do we need to add engineering term


  • call on hold

Friday 22nd Oct

@Akeel_malik @Gravewalker @piumal1999

  1. Had a discussion about the Logo design

  2. Akeel went through the SEF goals documentation- make a thread and update on slack

  3. SEF-site

  • merged the PR for the navbar

  • Piumal made a separate issue for cards order of projects

  • Akeel made 2 issues

     1. Footer consistency
     2. Remove emoji on onelive page
  1. Dev Page
  • Gajindu made a few changes to the design-have to forward Figma design to Heshan

Next week

  • change padding on testimonial session to 32px from 64px- task unassigned(issue to be made)

  • Re-arrange the Home page

  • Add shadows to the testimonial cards

  • Finalize the design for the title

Have to make issues for each of the mentioned issues above

Friday 29th Oct

@Akeel_malik @Gajindu_Bandara @Pasindu_Rupasinghe


  1. Pasindu fixed the footer visual bug in the one-live page

  2. Testimonial section-Jaye has to provide the details-Gajindu

  3. Pratheek fixed the checkbox for the scholarX mentors- merged

  4. Hive thread for new information make-Akeel

  5. Slack discussion started for new information-Akeel

  6. Relocated the Join us button on the home page - an issue made

  7. Akeel talked with Ramitha and Akshika - details not received yet

  8. Box shadows added for the testimonial issue made

  9. Testimonial section background color changed to white


    1. Gajindu took a call with Jaye
    1. Created a new Figma document with the Github primer components
    1. The theme for the DEV page has to be decided -dark or light
    1. Badges discussion with Gajindu And Akeel
    1. Discussed the current quotes on the Dev page


  1. stakeholder research analysis done by Pasindu - to be updated in the HIVE thread

Next week-

  • Theme has to be decided for the Dev page

  • Gajindu further enhances the Dev-page

  • Discussion has to be done for the page details-WED-updates

  • IRC research submission for

Friday 26th Nov 2021
@Gravewalker @Gajindu_Bandara @Pasindu_Rupasinghe @Madhawa @jaye

SEF site

  • Piumal had reviewed some PRs

  • Gajindu worked on a PR on the home page testimonial shadows

  • There are some issues available on the site

  • Those issues should be assigned to new contributors

  • Madhawa had some issues on the latest PR created by Piumal (#1142) and came up with some blockers on that


  • Gathered the information from Ranojan

  • Pasindu is having some blockers regarding the process

  • Next steps

  • Documenting the idea

  • Create a thread

Dev page

  • Button color should be changed to blue

  • Remove the images about the repositories

Next week

  • Madhawa is working on an issue on the site

  • Document the new updates on the Dev page design on the hive thread

  • Going through the Strapi documentation

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@Gravewalker @Akeel_malik @Madhawa @piumal1999 @Gajindu_Bandara

10 December 2021

Heshan, Gajindu, Akeel, Piumal, Madhawa

  • Akeel had a discussion with Akshika

  • General public not getting an overall idea about SEF

  • Web site is user friendly only for the people who have a rough idea

  • Making a new document with the details (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iNhqkCapKu1ZlkrmYpMacPiv8hsuUJC3oi4HrFbOQvM/edit)

  • Dev Page

  • Unassigned and left open by Gajindu

  • SEF Certificates

  • Gajindu was able to setup Strapi on Heroku

  • Move to sef account

  • Create the collection for USR

  • Fields: Date, Id, Name

  • API to get the JSON object when the id is given as param

  • Create a directory in sef-site (usr) and integrate the API with template

  • Use a copy of fellowship

Next week:

  • Akeel will update the thread and extract information and further enhance the info to be added to the website

  • Heshan will review the “Why you should join sef section, come up with a way to input the data into the website”

  • Madhawa will work on “Our journey so far” section, (update the slide, get the pic and make the issue and display in the website)

  • (New hire induction - Google Slides)

  • Madhawa: USR certificate directory for sef-site

@Akeel_malik @piumal1999 @Madhawa @Gajindu_Bandara

Friday 17th Dec 2021

  • Had a discussion about the new site content

  • Akeel updated the HIVE thread

  • Madhawa will update the hive thread - ask missing info

  • Gajindu worked on the strapi API & Madhawa is working on the PR for that

Next week:

  • To change the Strapi API to a readable one

  • Assign someone for the Dev page designing-

(Gajindu has completed in halfway) Akeel will make the issue open for someone to continue the work from there

  • Heshan will get ideas to put the gathered content into the website in a creative way
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24 december 2021

@Gravewalker @Madhawa @piumal1999 @Akeel_malik

  • Had a discussion in general meeting

  • Discussed some bug fixes

  • IRC blog links- target _blank addition

  • Testimonials are outdated

  • Jaye is collecting new testimonials

  • Approved the ‘Our journey so far’ section

  • Madhawa will be working on the design

  • In home page - after the projects section

  • Student/Expert/Volunteer section

  • Akeel- create an issue to add the bullet points

  • Gajindu and Madhawa completed the Strapi API issue and got it merged

  • Home page: hero section

  • Switch the 2 lines