Implement changes being saved indictor on manage mentees view

Hey guys, I was assigned to add a ‘changes being saved’ indicator for the manage mentees page. I have a few doubts regarding this:

  1. Is the save indicator only for the manage mentees view (are we excluding mentor management page)?
  2. Should all CRUD operations trigger this indicator? (assigning a mentee to a mentor, removing an existing mentee from a mentor)
  3. Should this be a pop up indicator or some text appearing next to the profile picture as follows:

These are the concerns I have for now. Would appreciate it if somone can clear these doubts for me.

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Thank you @DESIRA for initiating this.

  1. For now let’s do it for the manage mentee view which is more important
  2. Yep. Any change that happens in the manage mentee table should trigger this
  3. It’s better to show this right above the manage mentee table
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Thank you @anjisvj, I’ll keep these in mind.

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Something like this @anjisvj ?

And also what are all the possible changes that can be done in the mentee page. I can only see the mentor changing option, even that is greyed out.

Hey @anjisvj I managed to add a sample save indicator, which shows the user that it’s being saved as well as the last time and date the changes were made (please refer to the gif below):


  1. I need some help with the CSS, since for some reason typescript does not allow inline styling.
  2. What are the improvements that can be made to this sample save indicator?
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This is awesome! @DESIRA.

  1. You need to use external CSS with a class. Like this
  2. I think aligning it to the right side would be nice.

thank you @anjisvj I’ll try moving the indicator to the right using external CSS. There are multiple CSS files, can you please tell me which one I should be editing?