Implement a UI for send mail feature

Hello everyone,

Im currenty working on creating a dummy user interface for the newly implementing mail feature to the admin dashboard. Here’s wireframe of the design.

  • The subject of the email will be taken by the first text field.
  • The dropdown will list down the mailing groups (“All”, “All Mentors”, “All Mentees”, "Selected mentors’).
  • The textarea will used to type the message.
  • Each input fields must be filled to send the mail.
  • Once user clicks on confirm a modal will appear to confirm.

Ant design components will be used for the implementation. Any suggestions? Feel free to post them down below in this thread.

@Gravewalker @anjisvj @piumal1999

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Awesome work @kumuditha_udayanga
Without just having a drop down for group we can have a multiple selector like this,

where you can add groups and emails without restrictions or extra clicks

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