Welcome Gajindu Bandara to the Engineering Team

On behalf of the whole engineering team, It’s my pleasure to announce our next addition @Gajindu_Bandara

It’s incredible to work alongside such a passionate, active, and well-organized developer in the team. Gajindu has displayed his ability to think through and manage projects on his own.

  1. Project management
    Gajindu has is an individual with the ability to organize and carry out tasks very neatly sometimes even pulling off large projects by leading the development all by himself

  2. Taking initiative
    He has a natural knack to take initiative, plan and execute them in a well organised manner, which is evident by the number of hive threads he has initiated and kept on updating until those tasks were well and truly over

  3. Great communication
    He would always keep the team updated on his tasks by joining the squad calls and weekly standups frequently

Congratulations @Gajindu_Bandara, We believe you will be a great addition to the team, Welcome aboard.

cc: @jaye @akshika47 @Minuri_Adasuriya @EngTeam


Congratulations!! @Gajindu_Bandara :partying_face:

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Congrats @Gajindu_Bandara :star_struck:

Thanks, everyone for giving me an opportunity to work with you all, and looking forward to giving my best in the future. Thanks again everyone :innocent:

Thanks @kumuditha_udayanga :innocent:

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Thanks :innocent: @Akeel_malik

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Congratulations @Gajindu_Bandara !

Congratulations @Gajindu_Bandara !

Thanks, @jaye @anjisvj :innocent:

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Congratulations Gajindu!

Thanks, @akshika47 :innocent: