Knowledge Sharing Sessions By The DevTeam

As discussed in the previous meeting, we have decided to organise a bi-weekly session amongst the @EngTeam where we would do a presentation on a particular topic. The main objective of this initiative is to spread knowledge amongst our team as well as help develop our soft skills. Everyone is welcome to join these sessions.

How it works

  • Choose a topic you’re really good at or something you are really passionate about.
  • Inform about the topic to the project lead to post it on Hive.
  • Research on the topic and compile a comprehensive report with accurate information.
  • Prepare a clear and concise presentation slide on the topic. Keep it simple.
  • The project lead will appoint random numbers to the presenters a day before the presentation.
  • Present your topic on a bi-weekly call in the order of the assigned number (Turning camera on is optional but is highly recommended).
  • Upload your slides to any platform of your choice to be viewed by anyone.


  • Sharing is caring. The whole team benefits from this session.
  • You will develop skills such as critical analysis, summarizing, time management, leadership, communication, grammar, spelling and vocabulary and many more!
  • You will build a portfolio of slides and also motivate you to learn something new which could help you land a great job in the future.


  • You are allowed to use any presentation softwares but make sure it’s in a format that can be viewed by anyone.
  • Be creative when creating the slides and presenting your topic.
  • Present on a topic for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes (including demonstrations).
  • The presentation must be informative and clear and must not contain any vague information.
  • The first slide should contain the topic, date and the SEF Logo.
  • All slides should have slide numbers.
  • Give credits to any references or assets used in the presentation.


  • Does my topic have to be something advanced?
    No, it doesn’t matter how advance your topic is as long as it benefits the audience. No one is going to judge you. Do what you’re comfortable at :slight_smile:

  • What happens if I can’t come up with a topic?
    We will give you two days to come up with a topic. If you can’t come up with a topic by that time, we will give you a few topics and you have the liberty to do a presentation on it.

  • Does my topic have to be related to technology?
    No, but it would benefit the dev team if it was related to tech. But any knowledge is welcomed as long as it helps the listeners.

  • I don’t think I can do a presentation due to other commitments, is that fine?
    It’s totally fine! But we recommend to at least come check the presentations of the others if free as it would help you out.

  • What happens if my presentation exceeds 15 minutes?
    It’s totally fine to exceed the time limit but be mindful of others’ time. If it’s a topic that demands more time, please inform the project lead a few days prior.

  • I’m not great at presenting, is it fine if I skip?
    The whole point of this initiative to develop our presentation skills. You will never get better at something unless you try. No one is perfect and we recommend you to JUST DO IT! (Not sponsored :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • How do I make my slides aesthetically appealing?
    Although it’s not a requirement, refrain from using default templates since typography and color play a huge role in engaging audience. There are many sites that offer free templates but please make sure you give credit.



This is a really good movement! Thank you for starting this.

Is there a specific reason to not to use Power-point?

Hi @akshika47,

Thank you. It’s a team effort :heart:. The reason for not using PowerPoint is that there are many tools out there and it gives the team an opportunity to find better solutions to make their presentation much engaging and aesthetically appealing.

I would still would not ban Powerpoint/Google slides. It is good to explore, but PPT and G-Slides are quite versatile and can get the job done. I have not seen many better alternatives which stood the test of time. For example, Prezi was a disaster. Nevertheless, I am open to novel tools. Keep me posted :slight_smile:

Google slides seem like a great option in my opinion. As a matter of fact, SlidesGo is a great site to get great templates. Ban is a strong word :joy:, guess the main idea wasn’t clearly conveyed. It’s more like don’t use the default templates. I’ll update the FAQ section. Thank you for your feedback @akshika47 :wink:.

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The first session is scheduled to happen today at 7.00pm via Google Meets

Session Order

  1. Migrating a Springboot app from DigitalOcean to Heroku - @anjisvj
  2. Human Activity Recognition - @jaye
  3. OAuth2 - @YohanAvishke
  4. MongoDB 101 - @miluckshan-j
  5. Docker - @Gravewalker
  6. Leaflet - @Gimhan_minion

We hope to have this bi-weekly and If you wish to get a calender invite, please drop me a private message. All are welcome!


This is awesome. I think we should add a separate page for the dev team on our website. Making it as the repository of all the content we produce.


The second session is scheduled to happen today at 7.00pm via Google Meets


The third session is scheduled to happen today at 7.00pm via Google Meets


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The fourth session is scheduled to happen today at 7.00pm via Google Meets


Fifth session was successfully conducted on 2021-03-07T13:30:00Z

SWI-Prolog by @jaye

Building RESTful APIs with Node.js and Express by @anjisvj

Video Recording

Achievements :partying_face: :medal_sports:

Best Presenter @jaye
Best Slides: @anjisvj and @jaye


Sixth session will be conducted on 2021-03-21T13:30:00Z

Link to join:

Sixth session was successfully conducted on 2021-03-21T13:30:00Z

Computer Booting by @Gravewalker

We had a demo by @Gravewalker on how to customise our booting through Assembly Language to do really cool stuff.

XSS attacks by @anjisvj

A live attack was demoed. Don’t worry it was carried out on localhost so non was hurt :sweat_smile:

Video Recording

Achievements :partying_face: :medal_sports:

Best Presenter: @anjisvj
Best Slides: @Gravewalker

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Seventh session will be conducted on 2021-04-04T13:30:00Z

Link to join:

Eighth session was successfully conducted on 2021-05-02T13:30:00Z

Video Link:

Achievements :partying_face: :medal_sports:

**Best Presenter: @jaye @piumal1999
**Best Slides: @jaye


Video Recording


  • Strapi - Anjula
  • Shell scripting - Piumal
  • Game development - Jaye

Achievements :partying_face: :medal_sports:

Best Presenter @jaye
Best Slides: @anjisvj