Forwarding the responses to mentors - ScholarX 2021-Completion

Hi all,

There are hundreds of responses that we have received on the ScholarX 2021-Completion. As @jaye suggestions, I’m currently working on writing a google script to automate these email sending processes.

These are the progress on the test cases -

Example spreadsheet -

Google script -

Received email -

Test cases are working properly. We can use this script to forward the response to the mentors.


For the further steps,

  1. Need to fill out the emails of the mentors on the ScholarX 2021 - Completion (Responses) spreadsheet.
  2. Need a clear email template to forward the responses.

Thanks for initiating this task @Pasindu_Rupasinghe.
Until @Dharana_J comes up with the template and the email list, could you please enhance the script with demo data? ex: we need to go through several rows for a single mentor and fill the template.

Sure I’ll re-run the test with more data and let know the results of it. Thank you @jaye

Thank you for working on this @Pasindu_Rupasinghe

The mentor email list:

The spreadheet with all the raw data is ScholarX 2021 - Completion (Responses) - Google Sheets
I have cleaned up the names of the mentors in the “EDIT” sheet of the spreadsheet. and the text in columns L and M should get copied into the email.

Thank you @Dharana_J for the details. I’ll work on further steps and let know the progress.

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I modified @Pasindu_Rupasinghe script a bit and now it is ready to send the email with the scholarX email template.

As per the discussion we had today, we need the following:

  1. The text template
  2. Update the mentors sheet with prefixes
  3. Athif Mohamad’s email


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Hi guys please see below the email template.
There are 9 mentors that didn’t receive any feedback (i have highlighted their names in red in the spreadhseet) they should only receive the email up to " end of generic message" everyone else should see the personal feedbacks they got - does it make sense? Thanks!


Hope this new year has gotten off to a good start.

I would firstly like to extend a massive thank you from the SEF team for truly making a difference in the lives of our ScholarX mentees.

The students submerged us with messages about how grateful they are and praised how supportive and passionate their mentors were, as well as friendly, kind, patient, insightful and inspirational - to quote just a few words used in their feedbacks.

Overall there was an amazing 97% satisfaction and 93% reporting to having achieved all, if not most of the goals they had set out to achieve! There were also numerous success stories with mentees being able to secure their dream jobs, find internships, enroll into graduate programs, and publishing articles.

We would also like to hear from you on your side of the story- the good and the bad! So please leave your feedback and also please confirm your role as a mentor for 2022!

There is also some new exciting developments for ScholarX 2022. The first news we’d like to share is about the brand new online platform developed by our volunteers in the engineering team. It is now ready and we will be using it for ScholarX 2022! The platform will give you greater control helping you make sure your efforts are directed to students you can help the most. Don’t worry we will give you a run through its features and how to use it.

#end of generic message#

#List of responses to appear after the sentence below#
As a personal touch please find below confirmation of the amazing impact you’ve had!


Thanks @Dharana_J ! We will change the template and send you a test email

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Sorry for taking some time. @akshika47 @Dharana_J @Pasindu_Rupasinghe I sent you a test email. It’s ready to be circulated.

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Sent all the emails! Thanks, @Pasindu_Rupasinghe @Dharana_J and @akshika47 ! :hugs:

Btw, dr. Sajith Wijesuriya’s address was incorrect. it bounced.

Thank you so much @jaye for completing the task. Always appreciate your hands!. :heart: :raised_hands:

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Thank you @Pasindu_Rupasinghe @jaye and anyone else who helped in this task - we are getting some good responses! :smiley: