Dev Team Squads

We’re having one of the biggest announcements from the dev team…

Dev team will be broken down to squads.

Suggested by @Gravewalker. After discussing with @jaye, we came to the conclusion that there are major benefits to be gained by the decision,
  • Projects can be micro-managed.
  • Stand-ups will be more efficient and quick.
  • Team’s leadership roles increase.
  • All the projects will have active development, exclusive of their development state.
  • Competitions among the squads can be arranged in the future.

One major point is that even though there will be squads for each project, each of squads members are only loosely coupled. In the end of the day everyone is contributing for SEF.

Currently we are announcing 2 squads,

  1. SEF Site squad - Leader @Gimhan_minion
  2. ScholarX squad - Leader @anjisvj

Congratulations to the squad leaders :tada: Even though leaders will be planing project’s future and squad calls, all the members help is much valued and necessary.
Squad leaders can you please initiate two threads for the squad updates?


Congratulations! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Thanks for the opportunity. Hoping to do my best. <3