Avoiding conflicts in welcome PRs

Problem -
When developers send their welcome PR to the sef-dev repo, it will generate conflicts because the PR’s are sending to update the same JSON file.

Suggested solutions -
@jaye and @Gravewalker suggest Jekyll as a solution for this issue and assign me to work on that.

Progress -
Right now I’m learning how to implement it. And I will update the progress under this thread. Any other suggestions are open from you all. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice, let me know if you need to take a call or anything

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Sure I’ll let you know.

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Thanks for initiating this task, Pasindu. Do your magic! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you!! @jaye. Will do my best.


Progress update -

For now, did some experiments with Jekyll to create a JSON array with profiles that are created by separate user profiles with MD files.

And it’s locally working now. I post that test repo in Git hub also -

@jaye suggests that we will need a separate repo for deploy this Jekyll project. After creating that repo I can create a pull request for test this. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a good progress @Pasindu_Rupasinghe!! :hugs:

Here’s a preview link of the json output. https://pasindur99.github.io/Siri_JekyllTest/about.json

I tested it for CORS. It won’t be an issue because it returns an Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header.

curl -vL https://pasindur99.github.io/Siri_JekyllTest/about.json 2>&1 | fgrep -i access-control-allow-origin

access-control-allow-origin: *

@Gravewalker Could you please create a separate repo for the welcome PRs?
Pasindu, let’s rename the output as profiles.json and remove the unwanted files from the repo.


@jaye I think it’s good to create a new repo instead of using this test one. Because I did a lot of testing in this repository. It’s easy to create a new one without using it.

I can send a PR for that once @Gravewalker creates a repo.


Impressive work @Pasindu_Rupasinghe.

Sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here you go, use this repo https://github.com/sef-global/dev-welcome-pr


Okay. I’ll notify you once my pr has been sent. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Gravewalker !

PR is ready for this issue.

@jaye @Gravewalker
Please review it and let me know if there is anything that needs to be changed.

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@Pasindu_Rupasinghe use this url to get the profiles

Okay, @Gravewalker I’m working on that.
And I sent a pr to add existing profiles and also to add the pr template.

pr link -

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Nice work @Pasindu_Rupasinghe lemme create the issues for you. Maybe we might have to break this up to two different PRs??

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Okay @Gravewalker . I think it would be better.

Merged! Thanks @Pasindu_Rupasinghe !

We need to update the readme guiding them on how to create the welcome PR.

Your welcome @jaye. Thank you for reviewing those prs.

@Gravewalker Would you be able to create issues for,

  1. Update redeme file with guidance in sef-global/ dev-welcome-pr.
  2. Update pull request template in sef-global/ sef-dev.

I think that’s all that I have to do with this task. Please let me know if there are any other tasks that need to be completed.

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Good job so far, Mr. Siri! You can go ahead and create those issues.
Other things might be, adding the content to the page such as blogs, our repos and stuff.

@Gajindu_Bandara you may switch the IRC task with Pasidu if you like.
I think it might be effective because Pasindu is comfortable with IS related stuffs and you are comfortable with dynamic contents.

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