ScholarX Feedback Questionnaire - Mentees

The ScholarX Pilot program is now in the ONGOING state, so we need to gather the feedback of the mentees who have enrolled in the program. For that, we decided to create a questionnaire for the mentees of the program. Here we mainly focus on the UX of the platform.

There are 3 types of mentees (+ users who wanted to be mentees) in the platform.

  1. Approved mentees
  2. Rejected mentees
  3. Enrolled users who didn’t apply for mentors

So the questionnaire should be suitable for all these 3 types.

I’ll be working on this task, and your suggestions are also welcome.

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Created a draft with the basic sections and questions. Still not completed.

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We had a discussion on this at the ScholarX squad meeting and updated the structure of the feedback form.

Feel free to give your suggestions.



The mentee feedback form was sent to all the users who have login to the scholarX platform. Up to now, we have got 13 responses

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